Wood Pellets Overview

Check out this?chart?with a comparison for each brand of pellet, including price per bag, per pallet and burn times.

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Not all wood pellets
are created equal

Most wood pellets on the market today qualify as "Premium" pellets, meaning that the ash content is less than 1%. While there are a number of good Premium wood pellets for sale, there are only a handful of exceptional "Super Premium" pellets (less than .5% ash) available to consumers in southern Maine. SMRF is proud to offer seven of the very best "Super Premium" wood pellets on the market. In the 100% softwood category are Vermont Wood Pellets, Okanagan from British Columbia, La Crete and Spruce Pointe from Alberta, Canada. 100% hardwood pellets include Cubex from Papineauville, Quebec and PWI (Logik-e) from St. Hyacinthe, Quebec.

From the moment you open the bags of these Super Premium pellets, you'll see and feel the difference...clean, dense and consistent. But you'll truly appreciate the value of these pellets when you feel the heat output and see how little ash is left behind. You owe it to yourself to give these pellets a try.

Here is the 2011-2012 pellet review in PDF format. It compares many of the local pellets available on the market today. Four of the top rated pellets are Cubex, Okanagan, Spruce Pointe, PWI. The Maine's Choice and Canawick pellets are good pellets, but be aware that they generate more ash than the super premium pellets listed above. Check out woodpelletreviews.com for recent reviews on many different brands.

Which is our best pellet?

That is impossible to say. Everyone has their own definition of the word best. Is it the highest heat? The lowest ash? Is it the cleanest in terms of fines and dust? How about density and moisture content? The best fuel for you is driven in large part by the appliance that you are using. Some stoves will burn absolutely any wood pellet, and as long as your stove is maintained and cleaned on a regular basis, you'll have absolutely no issues whatsoever. On the other hand, some stoves are extremely sensitive to high ash content, while others have difficulty completely burning dense hardwood pellets. For some, the length of the pellet is an issue. Our best advice is to find one or two brands of pellets that work best in your appliance and stick with those brands.

Once you've committed to a particular brand, allow us to deliver to your home. The fewer times you handle wood pellets, the fewer fines will be generated, and thus a cleaner pellet. With our specialized delivery equipment, we can usually place your product exactly where you need it, whether inside your garage or behind your home next to your bulkhead (some restrictions with terrain and accessibility).

Winter deliveries are dependent on weather, road and driveway conditions. Be prepareed to pick-up product for either our Windham or Wells locations during the winter months.