Fuel Calculator

Compare prices of pellet fuel to electricity, hardwood, natural gas, LP gas/propane, coal and fuel oil.

Fuel Gross heating value Efficiency of burner Net heating value
#2 Fuel Oil
Btu/gal % Btu/gal
Btu/gal % Btu/gal
Electricity (BTUs/kWh) Btu/kWh % Btu/kWh
LPG [Propane]
Btu/gal % Btu/gal
Natural Gas
(BTUs/1000 cu ft)
Btu/1000 cu ft % Btu/1000 cu ft
Wood Pellets
Btu/pound % Btu/pound
Seasoned wood*
Btu/cord % Btu/cord
Btu/ton % Btu/ton

*Seasoned wood can vary a great deal in Btu content depending on the species burned.

During the heating season, the average home uses between 50 & 150 million Btu’s of energy. Using the above efficiency and net Btu figures with current pricing of available fuels, the chart below shows what one could expect to pay to heat a typical home assuming consumption of 100,000,000 Btu’s using fuel prices on 2/24/14.

You may change the average cost/unit of any entry and hit update to determine real-time costs as pricing changes.

Fuel Fuel required for 1 million Btu's Average cost/unit Total cost per 100 million Btu's
#2 Fuel Oil 8.68 gallons $ /gal $ .00
Kerosene 9.13 gallons $ /gal $ .00
Electricity 299 kWh $/kWh $.00
LPG (Propane) 13.76 gallons $ /gal $ .00
Natural gas 1,250 cubic feet $/1000 cu ft $ .00
Wood pellets 141 pounds [3.5 bags] $ /ton $.00
Seasoned wood .065 cord $/cord $.00
Coal 103 pounds $/ton $.00