Bio Products

Check out this chart with a comparison of each bio product, including price per bag, per pallet and burn times.

Call 892-3702 in advance to confirm product availability before traveling to either our Windham or Wells location.

Here is a good article on Canawick Bricks and Bio Products that appeared in the Sunday, October 16, 2011 issue of the Maine Sunday Telegram. Click here to read...

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Whether you're looking for alternative fuel as your primary heat source, or for the occasional evening fire to take the chill off, Southern Maine Renewable Fuels has personally tested several varieties of Bio Products for your woodstove or fireplace. All Bio products are manufactured from recycled sawdust and shavings with no additives, and offer the following advantages:

  • Less mess - No bark, dirt or bugs.
  • More heat - Higher density and a low moisture content translates into greater BTU's per pound.
  • More convenient - Easier to store. One pallet occupies less than half the space of a cord of wood.
  • Burns cleaner - No chemicals, less ash, less creosote and fewer particle emissions than cordwood.

Note: These Bio Products are intended for use only in a properly maintained and ventilated woodstove or fireplace. Perform an initial test with your own stove by burning two or three Canawick Bricks or Lewis Bricks at one time. The Envi Blocks, Home Fire Prest Logs and North Idaho Energy Logs are designed for a long duration burn. Start with one or two logs for your initial burn. Add additional bricks or logs as appropriate for the size of your appliance.

Canawick Hardwood Bricks and Lewis Softwood Bricks are high density, low moisture compressed wood products and are designed to be burned in woodstoves, fireplaces, and fire pits. Typical burn time 1 to 2 hours per brick.

Envi Blocks are made from 100% hardwood and are an excellent complement to the Canawick & Lewis Bricks for long duration burns. Expect a 2-4 burn time with the Envi-8 block, and 3-6 hours of burn with the original Envi block.

Home Fire Prest logs are 100% all wood 5 lb firelogs that have a typical burn time of 4 to 8 hours per log.

North Idaho Energy Logs are 8 pounds in weight and great for extending the duration of your burn. Typical burn time 4-8 hours.